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2016 TBA

After final round

1st  Nick Davies
2nd Dave Grabham
(Freddy's Revenge)
3rd Adam Gleadow
(Motor Psycho)

2012 NFAA Presentation Night

Another year passes. A damp one at that, so it seemed appropriate that the NFAA Presentation Night was held on an evening plagued by driving rain and in a beautiful Warwickshire village scarcely accessible due to road closures caused by flooding and assorted fallen forestry blocking the passage of would-be revellers...
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Photo credits to MODERNPICS, Ivan Sansom, Rose Hughes, Eclipse photos, simon hodder, julian hunt, Andy Wilsheer, Mark Skinner, Nigel Holland, Simon Rich, Blackett Photography and James Lipman.

Welcome to the home of the NFAA

The Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association (NFAA) was formed by a group of dedicated racers and enthusiasts, to ensure the continuation of the Class and to promote Fuel Altered racing on an affordable and sustainable basis.


Intended primarily as a demonstration/exhibition Class in its formation years, it is intended that entertainment should be paramount for spectators, many of which have not seen the wild, wild, Altereds in action.


The Regulations, framed with the assistance of the MSA Technical Committee, aim at combining the nostalgic element with realistic, current, safety standards.


To ensure that the Class survives, the Regulations have been framed to put a ‘cap’ on the cost of running Fuel Altereds as a Class, by attempting to ensure that the cars produce enough power to produce spectacular, side-by-side racing, without stressing the components to destruction levels.

The NFAA promotes the series at two dragstrips in the UK, where a number of races are held every year – see Schedule for details.


The Regulations, Rules and Race Procedures are available on this site and interested Teams are invited to apply for inclusion to the Series, by completing the Specification Sheet and Register – returning it as soon as possible.

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